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Like so many others, I made a new year’s resolution to start following the challenges & contributing here. I interpreted January’s challenge as “make a garment based on your favorite beverage,” & my favorite beverage is milk. I love it, guys! It satisfies both your thirst & your hunger! I go through literally a gallon a day!

The first thought that came to me when I imagined a milk garment was a feminine white blouse with lots of pintucks or ruffles or ribbons, drawing in both the color of milk & my fantasies of what an Austrian milk maid might wear. Then I got real about the fact that I’m a stay-at-home mom of a toddler in Kansas & my life mostly involves cleaning up peanut butter & trying to make sure my kid doesn’t get salmonella from touching snakes at nature preschool. So, a black jersey tee was in the offing.

I used the Miz Mozelle dress pattern, by Jamie Christina. I’ve made it a few times with woven fabrics. I eliminated the keyhole, shortened the skirt into a peplum, & drafted bands for the neck & sleeve finishes. It was a real joy to sew as every seam & notch came together perfectly. I sewed it all with a zigzag on my regular machine & finished the seams on my serger.


To bring in the milk element, I carefully zigzagged narrow red satin ribbon to the sleeve bands. I snagged a couple of tiny wooden bottles from my daughter’s dollhouse & painted them white with red caps. I tied little bows around the neck & then hand-stitched them very carefully to the sleeve band, drawing the threads through the knot in the bow to make it impossible to untie.

Ultimately, I have two problems with this garment: 1) I should have done a bit of an FBA because the waistline desperately wants to ride up & it’s really annoying. & 2) when my daughter saw the shirt, she exclaimed, “Those are Mommy’s milk jugs!” while pointing to an area that is very near my chest. So. That’s not the best.

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    • Ha, thanks! Having a kiddo makes it tough to find time to sew, so when I do it, I do want to focus on garments I will actually wear. Everything has to be snake- & peanut butter-proof!

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