Nightcap Pyjamas

I had 2 new years resolution for myself this year, the first I’ve failed dismally already (to leave work on time – you wouldn’t think that would be hard would you!) and the second was to GET INVOLVED. I’ve been sewing and following blogs for about the last 5 years, and I decided it was time I got off the sidelines. So in that spirit here is my first contribution to The Monthly Stitch.

I wasn’t sure what I’d make for this month’s challenge. I was explaining the concept of The Monthly Stitch to my husband and January’s challenge, and he responded “That’s easy: pyjamas, for when you have your Baileys nightcap”. Hmm, he had something there. I do love the occasional Baileys over ice in the evening.  I generally spend too much time in PJs on the weekends, so also have plenty of cups of tea (and the delightful surprise-coffee-in-bed) while wearing pyjamas. So that was decided.


The pattern is Carolyn Pyjamas by Closet Case Files. I made pyjamas using this pattern for a dear friend’s Chrissy present last year. Since I’d had a trial run, this make was a tad quicker than the first. Having said that though it was also a tad messier. I managed to catch the crutch curve of the shorts in the blade of my overlocker  – so annoying. I thought I’d try to patch the cut with a previously unused “fancy stitch” from my sewing machine. All I really managed to achieve was to bring as much attention to my stuff-us as a neon sign would have done. Oh well, that’s part of what I love about sewing. You get to live and learn without ruining someone’s life.


My 5 year old daughter picked out the cotton voile I used – happy and bright just like her 🙂 I went by memory to recall how much I needed when we were at Spotlight, but I didn’t take into account that this material was narrower than the material I used for my friend’s pyjamas. I only realised my error when cutting out. I’m quite pleased with how much I managed to eek out considering I had about a meter short of the recommended amount. The cuffs were all cut on the cross-grain to fit, but I still needed some extra material for a couple of pieces. I decided on a contrasting colour for pocket bags and breast pocket, using quilting cotton scraps I had at home. It’s too thick for the voile, but eh, whatever! The piping I made with homemade bias binding from another piece of voile.


I’m sure I’ll use this pattern again another time. Small fit adjustments next time will be in order, but overall I’m very happy with the result.DSCF7682

You’ll be hearing from me again soon I hope.



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