Lady Grey Sweatshirt

A garment inspired by your favorite beverage… hmm… this really got me thinking. I love to cozy up with a mug of tea (and a good book!) this time of year, and Lady Grey tea is a particular favorite. My mom and I used to have an evening tradition of making a pot of Lady Grey tea and reading to each other: Lord of the Rings, Jane Eyre, Ivanhoe… I remember those nights very fondly! So here she is, my wearable Lady Grey: a comfy, tunic-length, sophisticated sweatshirt that could perhaps almost be considered dressy?

lady grey sweatshirt

Most exciting, this is my first ever totally self-drafted pattern!

Here’s my original sketch:

fashion illustration

As you can see, I wanted to add welt pockets (bulk around the midriff… GREAT idea, right?) and I considered quilting a back yoke as well. The finished garment is simpler, but much to my liking. I guess this is why you sketch: to weed out the bad ideas BEFORE you cut into your fabric!

Overall, this self-drafting experiment was a big success. My only complaint is that the side slits don’t hang quite as I wanted them to… compare the drawing to the photos and you’ll see. I think with a stretchier knit I could close them up more and they would hang just as they did in my sketch, but I might have to lengthen the back by another 2 inches or so. I do like them though (so much room to dance and move around in this top!), and they are VERY secure thanks to the satin stitching I did at the apex:

side slit

Here’s another picture of me wearing my new favorite top! It’s cuddly and warm and I’ve got another one cut out in black. Do you think I can get away with wearing it to the office?

black and white

Way more details about my adventures in self-drafting and quilting on my blog.

Thanks for reading, and happy sewing!

10 thoughts on “Lady Grey Sweatshirt

  1. I agree, what a lovely memory! And of course a lovely self-drafted top — could totally wear it to work with some fancy accessories. Great work, and now I really want some Lady Grey 😉


  2. Absolutely office appropriate. I wear my fav self-drafted sweatshirt to work all the time. My motto is if you wear bright lipstick, and shoes with any sort of heel, you can get away with anything! 😉


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