Manhattans, Neat

We kicked off New Year’s in my house with too many Manhattans. I started off wearing this skirt and mixing pitchers of Manhattans (bad idea.), and ended it wearing these pants and smoking a cigar on our stoop.

So January 1st was pretty painful.

Luckily, the other Manhattans in my life didn’t cause quite so much pain.

In January I made up my third pair of Skinny Bitch Curvy Chick Manhattan trousers, a pattern I’ve had reasonable if mixed success with. I really like this pattern because it’s already made up for short people, like me. The knee break is in the right place, the crotch-to-waist distance is reasonable, etc.

The directions are also decent enough for me to have successfully made two fly fronts without consulting anything else.

But. I’m still working on some fit issues.

Here’s my December pair.

Manhattan 13 Manhattan 12 Manhattan 11

But embarrassingly:

Manhattan 4

For one thing the sizing is off. I lost a few pounds in October because of a concerted effort to eat better. I remeasured myself only after making these pants (dumb.) and I was down two inches in the waist and one in the hips. That puts me in the size 4 range, two whole sizes down from what I’d used.

I took out a massive second vertical dart on each side to pull in the waist and hips, but these pants are really only wearable if I have on a hip length top that conceals the hack job that is the back side.

For the second pair, I traced off a straight size 4, and then added an extra 1” with a full butt adjustment. They’re much, much better, but they aren’t perfect.

Manhattan 9 Manhattan 8 Manhattan 6

First, you can see the back side wrinkles are still there. I’m going to try to do a sway back adjustment on the next iteration, which will pull out  a bit of the length from that back crotch curve.

I also plan on adding 1” of circumference to the bottom of the leg on the next pair for this length. I do like the straight leg, but it’s just a bit too narrow for a length meant to go below my shoe.

The bottom hem gets caught on my boots and the back heel of my shoe sometimes.  Like in this picture. Manhattan 10

A few other details on my blog, Wasted Weekends, but most of it’s here!

7 thoughts on “Manhattans, Neat

  1. Heck, both pairs of pants look better than any of my store-bought ones. I haven’t made my first pair of pants yet, though I do have a few patterns in queue. And I’ve bookmarked SBCC for future reference. I especially like the 2nd pair you made – they look very trim and comfy, though I do see what you mean about the extra fabric up top (but not so much that anybody would think twice about it). Great job!


      • I really recommend their fitting while you sew method. You may have tried it with these but it does sound like there was just too much fabric in the top of your pants. Pants are so complicated, but so rewarding! Good luck with remedying the VBWs 😉


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