Shirley Temple, Anyone?


…….It’s still January here in the USA; Jan. 30th 10pm 🙂  And we’re ringing in the new year with one of my favorite beverages: a Shirley Temple!…… virgin that is. My little one likes the cherries best.

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Inspired by the drink, I chose a pink & white checkered pattern, knit fabric. I chose knit simply because my little one prefers knits since they are very comfortable. If I use a different fabric for everyday wear, she won’t wear it. Hmmm, I suspect this might be a consensus across ALL little ones. After all, it’s all about Play!

For half of this dress, I designed the pattern myself. I took the bodice and sleeves from Simplicity 1035 and shortened them. Then I turned the skirt into an A-Line shape pattern by using the slash and spread method: I drew a rectangle, slashed down through the middle, and spread the paper.

For embellishment, I wanted to attach a cross-over purse to the dress in the design of a cherry. But after I played around with it for a bit, I realized it looked a bit funky. Don’t know what went wrong. However, I then discovered that a hand-made cherry applique would look very cute! And to give the applique the hand-made touch, I added a blanket stitch around it after I fused it. Next time I’d probably use a contrasting thread color for the blanket stitch.



I’m pretty happy with how this dress turned out for a few reasons. I hand stitched the neckline first with a herringbone stitch before finishing it with my sewing machine and it gave it a clean, flatter look. (Knit necklines were a bit of a challenge for me until now). Another clean finish was the hem since I used my cover stitch machine rather than my sewing machine.
Anyway, by the time this project and photo shoot was over, so were the jar of cherries 😦 Cheers everyone!!!

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