Sort of like a Black Velvet, but… not.

While this month’s theme would have been the perfect vehicle for any of Capital Chic‘s “Cocktail Collection” (I’ve had my eye on the “White Russian” sweater for aaaaaageess), I didn’t have the time or the right fabric for any of them. So instead I went for a quick refashion with a cocktail inspiration.

I originally bought this tunic ($3, I think, it’s been in the refashion pile for some time) because it reminded me vaguely of the Macchu Picchu cocktail I’d seen years ago, holidaying in Peru. I realised later the colours were all wrong, but I still really liked the ombre effect of the fabric.


Last week when I finally caught up on some blog reading, I saw the January Challenge and immediately thought of this tunic. A quick search of the interwebs led me to believe the colours were in fact more along the lines of an upside-down Black Velvet – but I was still in the realm of layered cocktails! (Not that I’m a big drinker, mind, but they are pretty!)

black velvet

I was determined to try and hit every challenge this year (which is a big call as this is a massive year for me!) so I ripped this out over the weekend.

Back I went to my trusty retro Butterick 6572, which has been a bit of a workhorse pattern for me. For this version I skipped the front placket and drafted a facing instead.

tms ombre top refashion

There was a slight shortage of fabric across the bust – the tunic was a small size – but a little gusset under the arms and a cap at the top of each sleeve took care of that. I used the original hemline, to save both time (no unpicking, no hemming!) and fabric. I took the time to understitch the neck facing – a process I highly recommend as it achieves such a great result. This fabric was a slippery polyester which did give me some greif. (And unpicking all the beading on the original sleeves was a bit of a nightmare, too!)

For this and a some other sewing room adventures, come on over to the blog!

Cheers everyone!

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