A Reglisse with a secret

So I might be scraping in to the end of the January challenge with a make that might not entirely suit the theme, but at 36 weeks pregnant I’m just happy I got something made at all!

After finding out in June that I was pregnant with No. 2 I lost any desire to craft in a fairly major way, and have really only gotten back the urge to be creative in the last month or so. I did a bit of sewing in December for Christmas gifts, but this is the first garment I’ve made for myself since Indie Pattern Month. It’s a Deer and Doe Reglisse, and the fourth version I’ve made. The fabric is a jewel toned rayon that has been in my stash since I bought it after Frocktober 2014, when I made my first three Reglisse dresses. I’m glad this project finally made it out of the planning stages!

I did make a few small modifications to this version. I omitted the sleeves as I found in my last rayon version that the fabric didn’t have enough body for the cap sleeves and just looked a bit sad and droopy. I also want to be able to wear this with a cardigan, so I used bias tape to finish the armholes. I moved the bust darts down by 2cm as I found they were sitting a little high on my other versions. I didn’t have enough fabric to cut 2 copies of the collar so I folded the raw edge under twice and top stitched. I ran a line of stitching though the middle of the waistband to divide it into two thin channels of elastic as opposed to one thick band as I find this more comfortable to wear and it eliminates the chances of the elastic rolling – although I haven’t put the elastic in yet as I’ll wait until bub has arrived and my waistline is a more stable size!


The final modification I made to this dress, and it’s little secret is…




…An invisible zip in the centre front seam for easy access breastfeeding! So that’s how my make fits into the ‘drink’ theme…well, sort of.

I’m pretty pleased with the way this turned out, I thought I was making a dog’s breakfast of the invisible zip but it actually came out alright in the end! Although I haven’t been able to try it on yet, so I’m just hoping when I do get the chance to wear it it fits properly!


6 thoughts on “A Reglisse with a secret

  1. Clever! I may need to borrow that idea– I have all of the materials to make a Reglisse, and even though my boy will probably be done nursing by the time I actually get to sew it, I’m still trying to make things that will be flexible for any future pregnancies.

    And yes, getting any sewing done at 36 weeks is quite the accomplishment! 🙂


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