Chambray Dress with Vintage Lace Detail

Hello from wet and windy Scotland!

This is my first post on The Monthly Stitch, tackling February’s UFO challenge. I am consistently guilty of starting projects and, half way through – or when something isn’t going to plan – losing concentration and starting something new, leaving neatly stacked ‘I’ll finish that later’ piles of fabric under my sewing table.



Anyway, whilst rummaging about in one such fabric pile I came across a dress that has been waiting, patiently, to be finished for quite some time. A combination of By Hand London’s Elisalex (bodice) and Sewaholic’s Cambie (skirt), I started it last June, tentatively finished it in July, and ripped the zip and back seam out in August. The back was gaping, it sat too loosely on my waist, the shoulders slipped….  after having to pin the shoulders to my bra straps in an effort to keep them up – something you should never have to do – I decided that the dress was a complete and utter fitting failure. I threw an almighty tantrum at it and that was that, it was doomed to sit, crumpled and unloved, on my unfinished, maybe-I-can-do-something-else-with-the-fabric pile.

That is until I came across the dress whilst rummaging through a fabric pile; it really wasn’t quite as bad as I remembered it being and finishing it wasn’t going to be the mammoth effort I’d imagined. This dress would work! I returned the zip, this time taking care to attach it with my shape and measurements in mind, drawing in the waist and shoulders (around about two darts I’d previously put in in an attempt to tighten up the back and stop gaping). And you know what, after not too much work, it fits!

I felt the chambray needed a bit of a ‘lift’ so added a lovely cotton lace ribbon trim to the waist which I’ve had stashed in a trimmings jar for ages. I think it is the perfect finishing touch to an otherwise fairly plain dress.



My Elisalex/Cambie mash up dress is finally, more than half a year after starting it, complete – thank you Monthly Stitch for your timely UFO month giving me the push to get old projects done!

More photos (and a bit more of my rambling) over on my blog and on my Instagram

Hannah x

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