Absinthe and unicorns


Absinthe is a notorious French beverage dating back to the beginning of the last century. Nick-named “the green fairy”, it was renowned for its halluginogenic properties and banned in many countries. For some reason I thought of absinthe when I chose the first project of the new year: a pink unicorn dress.


This is my second Made by Rae make. Last year I tackled Ruby.

Despite a natural inclination to swerve PDF patterns I found the experience fun and Rae’s instructions to be excellent, a real pleasure.

Back in the day I used to really enjoy sewing along with a now abandoned website sewweekly. Weekly? What were we thinking? (Confession: I never managed weekly.) I used to rush at things to try to meet the deadline and the finish really suffered – no lovely insides in those days. Ruby has a very clean enclosed yoke. Really satisfying.

The unicorn dress is another of Rae’s patterns: Geranium. It also has a really clean finish which I found tempting to try. I have not sewn much lately and my sewjo won’t seem to stretch far. This dress was appealing: no fitting issues, no zip, no wrangling with my overlocker, a lovely tidy yoke, no sleeves to set in, small pattern pieces and few of them, lovely instructions, no jersey knit (which I really want to love working with but just don’t).


It was a fun make. I made the kid pattern in size 7 (true to age – for the summer in a few months I will make size 8 I think). It is the simple round neck style with a pleated skirt. There are other options to change the neckline and a gathered skirt.

My daughter picked this Michael Miller cotton from my stash and I had the most adorable buttons in my stash – a free gift from http://www.sewbox.co.uk/.


I am boldly claiming this make as a twofer, started in January as my “Cheers for New Year’s” I finished it in February so I am counting it as a UFO. Full points to me for bare-faced cheek.

Hommage to sewweekly – we always used to include the facts in posts, so here they are:

The Facts

Fabric | Micheal Miller Cotton print, about 1.5 yards, cheap aqua cotton lining for the bodice maybe 0.5 yards

Pattern | Made by Rae Geranium dress

Notions | 4 heart shaped buttons, a scrap of interfacing

Time to complete | 30 mins to put the PDF together in front of the telly, about 2 hours at the machine, another hour or so hand-sewing the hem (I really like a nice hand-finished hem) and buttons in front of the telly 

First worn | not yet

Wear again? it’s a bit cold here for it and the print is a bit wild to be useful in every situation but I hope my girl will wear it soon, the pattern itself is a BIG win

Total price | Not sure, all stash items. The pattern was $10 but I hope to use it again. Main cotton maybe £10 (got it in a sale last year), lining £4 (also on sale), interfacing was just a scrap, let’s call it 50p, buttons free. So about £22 including the pattern. Optional absinthe is also £20 ish a bottle I expect.







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  1. Very sweet – adored dresses like this at 7 (going on 8).
    Couldn’t bring myself to join Sew Weekly for exactly that reason – I’d never be able to make something in a week without compromising the finish. I find sewing quite therapeutic, but sewing that fast would be way too much stress!


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