Alder UFO (catchy title lacking)

It’s stretching it a bit to call this Alder dress a UFO, perhaps?

I had it all cut out before realising that my husband was in desperate need of shorts (how to know that you are a sewist?  When your first thought is ‘make some’ rather than ‘buy some’) so I whipped him up some Thread Theory Jedediah shorts. Then I got the urge to sew a Marlborough bra and focused my attention on that instead. In my defence, since the bra was green, I was going to be able to enter it in last months drinks theme and link it to ‘green tea’ but alas it turned out too small.

So I turned back to the Grainline Alder. This all happened in the space of 2 weeks, hence, I’m not sure it qualifies as UFO?  Is there a minimum timeframe required for this classification?


Pattern: Grainline Alder Variation B. I used the PDF pattern and followed the online sew-along.

Size: My bust and waist measurements fit perfectly into the size 4 and I feel that the finished fit is pretty darn good.  My hip measurement was the next size up but I wouldn’t bother grading to that since the fit around the hips is so loose.


Fabric and notions: Some sort of denim chambray from Spotlight, only it doesn’t wrinkle yet pressed quite well.  The buttons came off an old shirt that I had just cut apart to make pocket bags for my husbands Jedediahs.


Cutting and sewing: Straight forward the whole way!

The ups: I love this dress even though, with the looser fit around the waist, it falls slightly outside my usual wear.  It’s the perfect thing to wear in this tropical heat we are experiencing.  I’ve heard mention that the hem is quite high but on my wee height it is just perfect.

The downs: None. I could possibly put some pockets in in the next one…..


Conclusion: I must make more before summer runs out!!

P.S. Excuse the photos – this is the result from asking my 5 year old and then my husband  if they could take them.  The 5 year old did better….

9 thoughts on “Alder UFO (catchy title lacking)

  1. Fabulous! And so perfect for this un-NZ-ish weather. 🙂

    I’ve had the Alder on my to-make list for a good year now. Really must get around to it – I like all the versions I see, and your one is fabulous too!


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