Mars Attacks! Invasion from the Red Planet.

I have to confess I was a bit ho-hum about this month’s theme as I didn’t have any UFOs lurking – or so I thought. A little bit of lateral thinking led me to my mending pile which, although not huge, suffers neglect. Because: mending pffft!

The UFO theme was just the inspiration I needed. Today these three Martians have landed.


  1. A red knitted vest I bought second hand last winter that needed to be taken in. Now it’s ready for this coming winter.
  2. My second silky-t, which wasn’t being worn as it wasn’t great colours for me. It has now been altered for a much-slighter-than-me colleague.
  3. A red long sleeved t-shirt that was second hand and far, far too long has finally been hemmed. (Any pro tips for hemming very drapey t-shirt knit (this is a viscose knit) without using an overlocker? I always find it really hard and am never happy with the result.)

So that’s three down. I have a feeling that Neptune may be next to attack as I have a shirt with mermaids on that is finally going to get the finishing it needs.

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6 thoughts on “Mars Attacks! Invasion from the Red Planet.

  1. Pluto’s no longer a planet – whaat? I’ve clearly miss something – off to google in a minute.
    Red – my favourite! Well done getting some mending out of the way.
    Sorry, no tips for hemming drapey knits – I use a narrow zig-zag stitch, but give it a good stretch and it will pop, so it’s not the best advice.

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    • Yeah – it’s a tricky one! I have a great stretch overlock stitch on my machine, but it really doesn’t deliver on hems of drapey fabrics. More research required. And sorry about Pluto… It’s a loss for sure.


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