Frangipani frock mash-up

Yipee! One UFO down, 5 to go!

Waitangi weekend saw me tackled the first. You’ll may remember the Frangipani frock was a toilé for the red silk dress I wore to a wedding earlier this year. That dress was a huge success, which prompted me to finish this one.


I unpicked and recut the bodice using Style 1751 again, while retaining the skirt from Vogue 5434.  However, I had to come up with a cunning plan when the perfectly colour-matched zip was a wee bit too short. So I placed the zip as per usual into the lower part of the back seam opening, then recut the back facings with extensions and finished the closure with a button and fabric loop at the neck. It slips it over my head without being unbuttoned, so no weird yoga moves required to get it done up.


The finished frock is my new favourite!

Onto the other UFO’s I’m tackling. These are by no means all of my UFO stash, just the ones I’d like to complete soon. In no particular order:


1. Self-drafted “Melba” Jacket. Started in 2013. Made up to the point where I was deciding whether to make Spanish Snap buttonholes, or just do regular keyhole buttonholes by machine at the end.

2. Vintage inspired frock with full skirt (flower embroidery at hem) and cute pockets. Started in 2011. Abandoned after the ridiculous looking collar was unpicked.

3. Perfect Purple Pants. Second draft in my quest to make the perfect fitting pants. Cut in November 2014.

4. 70’s inspired floral shirt. Can’t actually remember how long ago this was started, sometime between 2005 and 2009. Once again, think I had collar issues.

5. The newbie. Ambitiously cut this dress in November because a newly acquired vintage pattern working perfectly with stashed fabric. However, it was 3 weeks before leaving for India – wasn’t going to happen, was it!

Wish me luck!

12 thoughts on “Frangipani frock mash-up

  1. The dress is just plain ol’ cute. I would love to make one similar but too much belly for that drape feature.
    Your reference and link to Spanish snap buttonholes sent me down a long rabbit trail. Good grief, I know better than to follow a link this early in the morning. But……….the buttonholes are delicious. I had never seen them before. I’m anxious to try them. Maybe a shirt dress with buttons from neck to hem. Thank you.

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    • They’re a labyrinth, those rabbits trails, aren’t they? Sure I’ve seen David Bowie on them more than once, hee hee.
      The wind is blowing the skirt drape out a bit in the lead image, but I think it normally kind-of disguises my belly. I’d worn the dress to work all day before pix was taken, so it’s also a bit crumpled.
      And good luck with those buttonholes!


    • Its lovely to wear and gets heaps of compliments.
      Had a good go at a couple more of those UFO’s in the weekend, funnily enough the ones that have been hanging around the longest. Will do an update at the end of the month. 🙂


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