5 down, 5 to go!

Thank you for the incentive to get some WIP’s off my desk!

I’ve managed to knock off 5 but I have 5 more I’ve put back in the box for another day.  Sssshhh..

No 1 and 2  are of a refashion of this top to now have no sleeves. And a tiny leather triangle addition to the split of this skirt. Two tiny things that have made the unbearable wearable again.

No 3 and 4 use this pattern from Pattern Magic Stretch , the first being in an op shop cotton knit and the second, in thick rib knit added to a shirt to make a funky shirt dress.

dropped shoulders

The shirt dress just uses part of the pattern and replaces the yoke and collar of the original shirt which were worn.

dropped shoulders

And number 5, I am giving myself big high fives over, because I did a spot of mending for my other half.  That usually goes right to the bottom of the list…

How is everyone else going with the challenge?


11 thoughts on “5 down, 5 to go!

  1. Feels reeeal good to get rid of a bunch of those pesky UFO’s, doesn’t it? Good luck with the rest – there’s still a week and a bit to February, lol!
    Love the red top from Pattern Magic Stretch. Confess to having the book(s) myself, but haven’t ventured past drooling over the gorgeous possibilities.


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