6 months later it’s done!

I started this top (Simplicity 1363, view D) last year, when the weather was good – about August time. And I just finished it. Hoorahhhh 🙂

The fabric I used is gorgeous; it’s called peachskin – silky smooth to touch and pretty fluid-like. It actually wasn’t as challenging to sew as I thought it might be. But I remember the reason I stopped making it last year was because I reached a step saying I needed bias binding. And I couldn’t be bothered to make some.

But I picked it up on Saturday just gone, looked at it, and discovered I only needed some 1/4″ single fold binding, to use just round the armholes and it wouldn’t be seen. And I had just about enough ready-made 1/4″ white polyester binding! So that would do! Had I just read the pattern properly and thought about it a little, I may not have left it unfinished for so long. Ah well!

So anyway here’s the finished top!

simplicity 1363

I have to say, I really really love it. I’ve worn it twice so far and it’s so comfortable. The fit is pretty damn perfect, straight out the packet. Impressive seeing as I often have issues with armscyes being too tight. And of course I loooovvveee the blue/white polka design!

simplicity 1363

As you can see it features a high-low hem; there’s an added panel at the back hem. I forgot to take a photo but I rolled the hem by machine. Super quick when you don’t have to press it first! I have a love/hate relationship with my rolled hem foot but it’s 80% neat on the inside!!

simplicity 1363

It has a little slit in the back, and fastens with two little buttons – I used some cute hearts! I can actually pull it over my head easily without faffing with the buttons, but I like them as a decorative detail regardless.

simplicity 1363

Yeah I need to cut and tidy the thread in one place… I have obviously been wearing a cardi over the top this week so it’s OK! And I wore it before taking photos, hence it’s creased in the photos haha!

Selfie of me wearing it paired with my Morris Blazer. Handmade double whammy 🙂

simplicity 1363 + morris blazer

Hope you like it too 😀 I’m so glad I finished it!

I’m not sure how many other things I can finish but I have made a start on three more little things including one cross stitch I probably started 10 years ago haha!

Beth  @afterdarksewing   x

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