My UFO- – A patchwork cape


Hi all – – I started this patchwork cape almost a year ago! I don’t know why it languished unfinished. You know how it goes. Some other bright shiny project catches your attention and then you’re off and running the other way!

I used Vogue 9038 (view A) as my template to sew together left over pieces of wool in my stash to achieve this look. I cut pieces out pretty randomly, sewing them together with 5/8″ seams until I filled in the shape of the cape. I did this twice, so that my cape is double sided, and reversible. On one side, I sewed toggles so that if it’s windy, the cape won’t fall off.

It was an easy sew, and so nice to throw on as I head out the door. I’m not sure why I didn’t finish it before (LOL). Isn’t it great to finally get some things done?

It’s so fun and inspiring to see everyone’s great projects! For more photos of mine and a bit more about my process, visit me at Happy sewing, and thanks for stopping by!


IMG_8141 (1)


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