Hemp Jacket

Hacking Jacket UFO

This will be the first of my UFO posts this month. This month’s challenge has come at a particularly good time, since I have a few projects on the go.

This jacket was made for the #1Year1Outfit project which is being hosted by Nicki over at Thisismoonlight. The main aim is for participants to make a locally sourced outfit in a year. So far I have made this top from UK-produced silk and I’ve now just finished this jacket.

I sourced the fabric for the jacket from Herts Specialist Fabric, which specialises in re-enactment textiles and haberdashery. It is made from hemp and produced in the South-West of the UK.

The jacket pattern I used was New Look 6035. This is also a pattern featured in the first Great British Sewing Bee. I tried initially to use the pattern supplied with the book, but soon ran into some problems because it was so badly edited. In the end, I just bought the New Look pattern.

This garment took months to make and at times I struggled to persevere with it. I did decide that I would also line my jacket and, in keeping with the #1Year1Outfit project, I needed to interface my jacket using “old-fashioned” materials, such as horse-hair canvas and sew with linen thread.

I used silk from Majestic Silks dyed with dock leaves which produces a subtle beige/ ecru colour. Here’s a previous post on my blog about this natural dyeing process.

Then I found I needed a helping hand with learning the tailoring techniques needed to make this jacket and I turned to the Classic Tailoring course by Steffani Lincecum on Craftsy. I would thoroughly recommend this course. Everything is explained very clearly and you can get responses to your questions if you like too.

Internal construction

Following both the instructions with the pattern and watching the Craftsy video alongside made the whole construction process extremely long-winded. In fact, I really went overboard with my “in-progress” posts because otherwise you’d think I’d been up to no sewing at all over the last two months.

Hacking Jacket

I am very happy with the result. The jacket is extremely warm, although Mr Steely comments that I look like I’m wearing a coat indoors when I wear it. I couldn’t care less – it’s keeping me toasty! For more photos and extended analysis, please visit my blog:

Part 1 – Fabric and pattern selection

Part 2 – Linen thread and beginning construction

Part 3 – Internal construction and tailoring

Part 4 – Dyeing the lining and continuing the construction

Part 5 – Construction and finishing

10 thoughts on “Hacking Jacket UFO

  1. Good on you for persevering. The result is definitely worth it – not only is the resulting item very professional, but you learned so much in the process!


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