I made jeans!

When the February challenge was announced, I was disappointed. My mind immediately went to these black twill jeans I cut out last spring. I used the Closet Case Patterns Ginger jeans pattern, which is for a skinny stretch jean. Right after I cut out my fabric, complete with flat pattern alterations based on my measurements at the time, I discovered that I was two months pregnant! I had never made actual jeans, with a zip fly & the whole nine yards, & didn’t have the energy to do it when I’d be expanding out of all pants lacking elastic waistbands in a matter of weeks.

Then I had a miscarriage & I couldn’t bear to sew up the jeans because they were a reminder of the fact that I wasn’t going to have another baby after all.

The due date for that pregnancy was actually this month. So having the UFO challenge was a weird stroke of synchronicity. I decided the time had come & I should finally finish these jeans.

I am really pleased with the result! I wear jeans almost everyday, so not having a pair I’ve made myself was a huge hole in my me-made wardrobe. I cut the low-waisted stovepipe leg style, but made some alterations to raise the waistline. I sewed the waistband to the waistband facing with a 1/4″ seam, & I sewed the waistband to the jeans with a 1/2″ seam. The result is more of a mid-rise, which is what I prefer.

These jeans have all the details: metal zipper, rivets, coin pocket, plenty of topstitching (I used black on my black twill, just in case I made egregious errors, but it actually wasn’t that difficult), a jeans button that had to be hammered into place. My three-year-old daughter was outraged because she thought all the hammering was the cat playing with her toy pots & pans.

I decided that my jeans came out well enough to merit a label.

Thank you, Monthly Stitch, for finally pushing me into finishing these jeans! I love them & will definitely be making more!

Feel free to visit my blog for more details!

17 thoughts on “I made jeans!

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  2. Good on you! I haven’t been brave enough to tackle that pattern yet. I’ve bought it and printed it, but it’s still sitting unassembled. Trying it on twill first is a great idea. I can totally understand why they were left for so long unfinished for you. It must be nice not to have that lurking reminder sitting there anymore.


    • It is SO nice. & I just pre-washed a few yards of black denim to make another pair!

      Trying it in twill first was smart, because it’s pretty cheap & can be easier to sew than denim, depending on weight. I will say that my twill is probably a little stretchier than most denim, & it doesn’t have the best recovery, so they bag out pretty fast. But they’re serviceable for checking fit before you cut into nice denim, & they’re still 100% wearable. Give it a try! Making jeans was really so much easier than I expected!


    • Thanks! I am really excited to make more pairs & experiment with different fabrics & contrast topstitching. My daughter has a very contentious relationship with our cat & is outraged anytime the cat is playing with something she could be playing with instead. We describe her as “maybe not sibling material,” haha.


    • Excellent question. Bear in mind that I had never made jeans before (I’ve made pants, but nothing with an actual fly), so I was moving slowly…Maybe ten hours? That includes pattern alterations, cutting out the fabric, all the time spent switching from regular thread to topstitching thread, etc etc. Also including the waistband snafu. Sewing it in wrong & then unpicking it probably cost me an hour right there.

      I’m sure my next pair of jeans will go a lot faster because I’ll be spending a lot less time examining the instructions!


    • Thanks, & thanks. Getting these jeans done actually helped with the emotional healing process from the miscarriage. I’m not sure I will ever be “over it,” but having this unfinished project floating around my sewing room was a sad reminder. I’m relieved to have them finished, & the fact that they came out so well is just a bonus!


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