PB Jam Leggings – take 2!

For UFO Month I decided to have another go at Fehrtrade’s PB Jam Leggings. The first time I tried this pattern, the end result was so awful I actually threw it in the bin. This had a lot to do with the cheap shiny lycra I used as a muslin – the leggings were so loose they literally fell off when I tried them on!

Take two: this time I used a ‘performance lycra’ from Spotlight. It’s the cotton-lycra blend type. I know you’re all thinking I’m very game to be making white tights, but I wear these under my white karate uniform in winter (don’t get me started on the fact that a well-known activewear brand makes white compression tights for men, but not for women – grrrr!!) So, I won’t be modeling these for you today!

Back PB Jam

PB Jam Leggings – Back view

I realised however, that it wasn’t only the nasty lycra in the first creation that led to my sewing room tantrum. This pattern is rather generous in the hip area – I had to take quite a bit off the sides, and as a result the swoosh no longer matches up at the sides.


I made these in a knee-tight length and put bands at the bottom hem because it seemed easier than doing a proper hem. The pattern also includes instructions for a back-waist pocket, which I skipped on this version. I did it on the previous failure, and it is actually pretty nifty.


The Stitchy Details:

Pattern: FehrTrade’s PB Jam Leggings

Fabric: Performance lycra (cotton-lycra blend), the swoosh is from some scraps of double jersey.

Notions: 2.5cm-wide elastic for the waistband.

Thoughts: I cut the pattern in a medium as per the size guide, but after reading a few other reviews I think I should go down to a small or even extra-small – I’m by no means petite but this pattern is pretty generous. The pattern is easy to follow and all the pieces match up perfectly (make sure you add your pattern markings though and don’t sew the swoosh to the crotch curve as I did on my first attempt with this pattern!)

Overall, I love the look of these leggings, but having had two frustrating attempts so far, I probably won’t be going back to it in a hurry. (That said, FehrTrade’s just released a new pattern, the Tessellate Tee, which looks very tempting!)


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