RTW Jean Knock Offs

So do you ever have a project that you really want to do, and you’ve wanted to do it for a while and no one is making you do it or even asking you to do it, but for some reason you still find excuses to put it off?  Well I had one of those.  It’s a pair of jeans.  I had a pair of jeans that I have had for forever and they fit like a glove, literally they were practically made for me, and then they got a hole… in the butt, ….one of the few places I couldn’t really deal with having a hole and still wear them out in public. So I held on to them for a couple years (yes seriously), storing them carefully in the back of a drawer hoping that if I didn’t look at them they would just fix themselves.  Simultaneously during this time I became the amateur sewer you know me to be today.  So back in November (yes… 4 months ago) I decided to rip them apart and knock ’em off, and there they stayed in pieces all that time… until last weekend, when I had had enough.  So I took those babies out and started tracing.


And guess what? After all that procrastinating, in just two days I had them almost completely put together. They were just missing the back butt pockets, waistband and hems. In four days they were 100% complete.  So all that procrastinating was so unnecessary! Anyways…. here they are… ta da:

p10006741 p1000683

As far as hardware goes I used the same exact zipper I salvaged from the originals, these are low rise jeans (AKA big-lunch friendly, heyo!) so the zipper is quite short.  Originally I was going to cut down a new zipper and then it occurred to me that this would be much easier and really there could be no better use for it.  The button is a metal button I thrifted with several similar, but all slightly different, buttons for like 50 cents. It says “militaires equipements” but I would assume it’s not actually from a french military garment. Regardless I like it and since it’s metal I think it’s a pretty fitting button for jeans. The pockets are made out of a vintage floral scrap that my grandma found in a closet and gave to me a couple years ago.


The grey top stitching is done with just a single row of normal grey thread.  It’s the same thread I used to do all the seaming, and the red top stitching on the butt pockets is also just normal red thread, but I did it on my Willcox and Gibbs chain stitch machine, which A. gave it a nice bold line and B. made it easy to rip out a million times until my inner perfectionist was content. I didn’t want to invest too much in these because I didn’t know how they were ultimately going to turn out, but I think next time I might give proper top stitching thread a go.


Anyways, I feel great that I finally finished these puppies.  For more pics and details check out my blog at jinxandgunner.blogspot.com.

Thanks for reading!

Kten :o)

14 thoughts on “RTW Jean Knock Offs

  1. Success! If you have a good fitting pair of jeans it’s the only way to recreate them! I’ve even found some I love, bought the same pair in another colour and the fit is not the same…so annoying! Enjoy! I wonder how many pairs you’ll end up making?


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