My Finally Finished UFO

Hello, Ducky~!

I‘m Aja, I refer to myself as ~A. This is my first post to The Monthly Stitch network! I’ve snooped around here before my blogging days and figured I should just go ahead and jump in. I hope to get to know you all better! This post was pulled from my blog, so everything prior to this is explained in more depth on my blog. { }

♠ Thank you! ♠

I‘m still recovering from the event of my aunties passing, but I’m doing well. I’ve finished my ‘UFO’ of the month and am very pleased with it. I may add or take away a few things later but for now, I can rest.

This project was a first of many different things for me. I mean, I’ve made dresses before, but none for myself.

This project included:

  • Fabric covered buttons
  • Underlining
  • catch-stitching on the sleeves of all places
  • A full ‘circle’ skirt*
  • Fully Lined/underlined
  • Set-in sleeves
  • Scalloped neckline and button placket(?)

All of these are firsts in my book, and I’m glad all went so well. Now without further ado, the dress photos we’ve all been waiting for!

A Breath Of Spring 🌼


This project started off as {pattern name & number}, and turned into something completely different. I had everything but the buttons in my stash already, and I’m very surprised by that. I usually like to line all of my dresses, if they: A.) are made with a textured, or itchy fabric. B.) are sheer or translucent. C. are naturally cold. So, I’m glad I didn’t have to go shopping through the local fabric stores awful selection…

Please, excuse the poor picture quality. I didn’t intend for the pictures to come out so blurry. I have no idea why they did. I suppose my camera just doesn’t want to cooperate anymore… Oh, dear. I do hope I don’t need to get a new one!


So, here is the outfit I wore to my dear aunties celebration of life on Saturday. It was lovingly simplistic, although I do wish I had a nice pair of gloves to go along side it all. It would have been so nice, but I hadn’t the time to continue sewing. Anyway, Aside from the {perhaps, obvious?} underpinnings I wore my eclectic collection of jewelry- ivory pearls, and a gold bracelet on the left. my tiara ring and a silver an rose watch on the right. The bag was given to me by my mommy 💗. Then to “top” all of that off I put on my white pearl earrings. I don’t have the iconic pearl necklace yet {I’m still working on that…} But, I felt fine without it.


The shoes are a classic black flare heeled scarpin/pump with a pointed toe. A Mid/Almond toe, though- simply because I already have long toes… I don’t want them much longer. 😖 Before we move on can I tell you a little story about the buttons?


I planned on going with black buttons, because I love the classic look of black on black, but my sweet mommy, came to me and suggested I use the skirt fabric instead. She said that it would help bring the whole outfit together. I didn’t think it would look all that nice, but I did anyway. Boy, was I blown away! It was gorgeous, and did bring the outfit together. Same story for the lining. I planned on doing a regular skirt lining, but during the test fit, it hang below the skirt and we both liked the look, so I re-hemmed the whole thing.


The Inside I tried to make as nice as the outside. I still have a lot to do, but for now, let it be. I hadn’t the time to nit pick about it it all. I plan on tucking the seam where the shirt meets the bodice. In case something happens and I need to alter it, I have the option. That’s how I construct everything. I will however, go in and burnish/ seal the fraying liner.



Oh, and can I just add that, that little zipper down there is one of my favorite things? I don’t know why I just admire it so~! The lining was cut and the seams finished long before I added the zipper. When I attached it, I could see it wouldn’t cover it nicely like it should. So, I just catch-stitched that wee devil in and now it’s lovely {to me at least 😁}!



So, there you have it! My lovely spring ensemble. I hope to wear it many times, as it is the nicest thing in my current closet. And, I can’t wait to add to my homemade collection. Emphasis on the word “my”. It’s about time I sewed for myself…

Until Next Time~!

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    • Why thank you, Lady Hayley~!
      I’m glad you like the color/colour contrasting. I told my family about the dress before making it, trying to explain it’s future appearance. They weren’t to sure about it then. 😁 Sure, they love it now~


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