It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s a UFO

It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s a UFO. It sounded better in my head, when said with a daunting voice. But I feel like I ought to confess that when I first read the theme of this month’s challenge ‘UFO’ I assumed this was indeed referring to Unidentified Flying Objects. Perhaps people would be sewing fabric with UFO prints,  aliens, or some sort of inter-galactic space theme. Whatever it was, it wasn’t my cup of tea.

So it was with confusion and bewilderment that I watched people post images on the Facebook group of their ‘UFOs’. I scrutinized those images trying to work out what made them fit under the theme ‘UFO’. I started to suspect that it had nothing what so ever to do with space or aliens. And indeed it does not. The penny has finally dropped. You are permitted to laugh at my expense.

But I still was stumped as I don’t have space to store unfinished objects  and its not really my sewing style. Then I read someone suggesting last week that mending counted! Oh boy. I’ve got a lot of things that need mending/repairing/alterations. And so (coincidentally as I needed a new dress) I mended/fixed/altered an old dress which I haven’t worn in years: Vogue V8667 version D.


So I spent a few evenings last week fixing it. I wrote a rather long post on all the exact changes I made over on my blog, which should you like, you can read here.


12 thoughts on “It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s a UFO

  1. I have this pattern and made view c. It was the first fitted dress I made and wear it most weeks. Love your fabric choice on this version x

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    • Thanks – this is one of my favorite fabrics.

      How do you find the skirt on C – I’ve been wondering if it’s very flared or only moderately so? Big skirts dont suite me, but I’m wanting to branch out from the fitted skirts.


      • It’s not that flared and is flattering, I prefer full skirts to fitted so I’m happy with it. The sleeves were my biggest challenge, still a bit tight when I reach my arms forward but don’t have the energy to unpick and Re do them as fully lined.

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