Manta that Rode off the Wave

I wrote a post last year on TMS during Indie Pattern Month about the Manta Wave leggings by Named. I loved them a lot and use them a lot as well. I decided that the “athletic” version came out so good that I HAD to have a racy pair to hit the town with! So as soon as I had finished my first pair last year, I cut out some in Black and wine-colored faux leather.


I did up one leg. First problem came when I got disappointed that I did not match up the seam at the inseam. Then I decided to try on just the one leg…. It was so tight I couldn’t even put it all the way up my leg! I reckoned that they would not fit AND I couldn’t do anything about either problem because the faux leather would have the holes in it from the previous stitching. smh.


Now, 8 months later, I decided to do up the other leg and put them together. I did that, and then made the casing for the elastic and tried them on. They actually fit! Very tightly…. but the fit! I wish I had addressed these sooner. They are VERY HOT though. I practically started sweating immediately. I’ve decided I am not going to keep them. I’m going to give them to someone a little smaller than me. Once they try them on, I will add the elastic to the casing.


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