My Leaf Skirt – It Finally Fits!

When working on a project I want to finish it. Unless it’s beyond repair. Therefore I tend to not have UFOs laying around, and I was bummed that I would have to sit this one out, since I haven’t been around here in a while. But during a discussion in The Monthly Stitch’s Facebook group we discussed that alterations could be a UFO, so I seized the opportunity to finally take in this skirt.

I sewed this skirt (the skirt is too big even here) in 2012, the Meringue skirt from Colette’s Sewing Handbook, scallops omitted. It was a quick project, I sewed it in one evening, but it was left too big. I still wore it, finding cheat ways to keep it up, but ultimately it was way too big. 7 cm (2 3/4″) to be precise.

In another evening I unpicked the side seams and zipper, took it in those 7 cm and sewed it back up. Now it finally fits! IT wasn’t a lot of work and I can’t believe I have postponed it for 4 years when I do love this skirt. So, thank you The Monthly Stitch and those of you who voted for UFOs (which I did not do)! Bring on spring!


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9 thoughts on “My Leaf Skirt – It Finally Fits!

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  3. I’m so there with you Helena – I am a finish or die trying type. I did mending and alterations for my UFOs too. It’s really satisfying to finally get something off the scrap heap and into the wardrobe right?! Great job, cute skirt.

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