Vintage Chiffon Blouse

My UFO for February was languishing in a box until I revived it into this top 🙂

You can view more photos and deatils on the blog here. 🙂



Butterick 3834. So cute!


This polyester chiffon was a work in progress (a dress) which I decided I hated and so re-cut it into this top. Much better. I never would have worn that dress….I’m not a fan of pale, sheer, floaty skirts, I keep that on my top half normally. Dark, sheer, floaty skirts? That’s a different story. Fashion: it’s complicated, okay??

I wasn’t very attached to this fabric (polyester chiffon) so I considered it a wearable toile. As such I was a bit experimental with the finishes, and I’m not entirely happy with them, as it was partly laziness to blame. I’m going to make a fancy proper version sometime and I feel much better equipped to finish it much more nicely!

At least I wasn’t too lazy to french seam it throughout…


I blathered on a lot about the construction and style on my blog but I thought I’d keep it simple over here!

The skirt I made to go with it was not a UFO, but was a nice little bonus! Again I left that on my blog, so do visit if you want 🙂

All in all, this was an experimental pair of garments and I’m looking forward to more iterations of similar styles!

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  1. Very cute blouse! Great that you were able to use the fabric from a previous project. Also thanks for the tip on The Vintage Pledge – I’m jumping on that bandwagon!!


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