A collection of UFOs

I’ve been doing quite a bit of sewing recently, mostly I think to take my mind off my current condition; I’m 39 weeks pregnant with bub No. 2 and due to head into hospital in the morning for the delivery. So I’m pretty pleased that I’ve managed to get a few projects ticked off the to-do list, and being creative has been a good distraction!

The biggest project on my UFO list was a wearable muslin of the Deer and Doe Bruyere top. I’ve had this cut out and waiting to be sewn up since about July last year, but lost all motivation to craft throughout most of my pregnancy. The pattern has been in my collection for a while, and last year for my birthday my husband gave me some money to spend on fabric, so I bought some beautiful but expensive chambray ($20 a metre, which is a lot for someone who usually doesn’t buy anything that’s not on special for around $10 a metre or less!) to make up this pattern in. However I was not going to dive straight in so when I found this fabric in the $2 a metre bin at my local fabric shop I snavelled a few metres to use for muslins. I spend most of my time at home with my son so I have a lot of ‘house clothes’ and I never see a wearable muslin as a waste of time as I know I’ll probably end up wearing it more often than the end garment!

The only downside to making this top at this time is that I haven’t been able to try it on yet to check the fit – I am currently the size of a small whale. The only changes I made were small FBA (about 2cm from memory I think) and then graded the shoulders down a size. I found the instructions included with the pattern to be a bit sparse, but I managed to muddle through without too much trouble. This is my first attempt at a collared shirt so there were a lot of techniques I’d never used before, like assembling the collar, button placket and sleeve cuffs. The only part I found particularly tricky was the sleeve plackets – they’re not the neatest but for a first attempt they’ll do!

I french seamed all the exposed seams (why you would bother on a muslin is a valid question, but I seem to be undergoing a french seam obsession at the moment!) so the insides are nice and neat. Unfortunately this fabric (which I’m guessing is a cotton/poly blend) was a bit fray prone so if I didn’t trim the seams right before doing the second line of stitching I would end up with ‘hairy seams’. There are a few places that have a few stray threads poking through but I’m not too concerned about it.

I’m pretty satisfied with this make, and looking forward to wearing it at some stage in the future when my waist has returned to a more manageable size! Which brings me to some more projects that had been on my to-do list for many months: baby clothes! We know we’re having a girl this time around, and I couldn’t resist some of the cute fabrics on the sale table at Spotlight. So here’s New Look 6970 (a pattern which has been in my stash since before No. 1 arrived…)


The thing I love about making baby clothes is you can get away with buying a metre of fabric and sill have some left over for craft projects. I made this in the Newborn size and used some soft cotton as the bodice lining.

My second baby project was a matching dress and bloomers set in a gorgeously soft Japanese lawn, also from the Spotlight sale table. I used free patterns for both these (http://www.sewmuchado.com/2012/01/infant-peasant-dress-free-pattern-and-tutorial.html and http://seekatesew.com/belly-baby-ruffle-diaper-covers-pattern-tutorial/ if you’re interested) and they were both nice easy projects. I particularly liked the way the bloomers use bias tape as a casing for the elastic around the legs.

I also forced myself to do a few mending jobs that had been hung over the back of my dining room chair for, oh, about 8 months waiting to be fixed. They were all 2 minute jobs (re-stitching a section of invisible zipper that had come apart from the garment, dealing with a pull in a knitted jumper), but I had been actively ignoring them for so long that it feels like quite an achievement to finally do them!

So, a pretty successful month in sewing for me, and I’m glad to have those UFOs ticked off the list!

9 thoughts on “A collection of UFOs

  1. That’s a wearable muslin? I’d be flagging it up as the real deal. Such cute baby clothes too, isn’t it nice sewing really small shapes? Side seams done in five minutes, and a chance to pick such pretty fabrics.


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