Plaid UFO and a Puppy

Hello from New Jersey everyone!! My Fiancée and I are finally out of the crazy college transition period and have moved to Mt. Laurel, New Jersey!!!  So much has been happening and I’m soo excited because that means that life is officially starting!

New look 6704

Trey (Fiancee) is just the best ever, in our new apartment he let me carve out a portion of our bedroom to be my sewing studio!  (Pictures to come later when it is more complete.)  Just as this crazy transition from college to unknown to NJ started I left a lot of projects for myself unfinished as I needed to finish all of my commissions.  This is the start of my first unfinished project that was left astray when I didn’t have the time to seam rip one whole front side completely in pieces because I made two left front sides.  At the time that I stopped working on this shirt I believe I was working on my dance team commissions for their “Gold” dance (WHICH BY THE WAY THEY MADE IT TO FINALS IN STATE!!).

The fabric was Walmart clearance fabric and really loosely woven.  The serger and it didn’t completely see eye to eye while sewing.  But this is a good lazy day shirt to throw over a tank top and wear jeans with.

Another awesome new thing has also happened since moving out to NJ!!!! WE ADOPTED A RESCUE PUPPY!!!!  His name is Kylo Rock (Trey’s last name) and he is the most adorable little thing this world has to offer.  On the first day within 12 hours he learned “sit.”   He is super smart and is already house and kennel trained!  We’ve only had him for about 2.5 weeks and he is 5 months old.  Here’s an adorable picture of him holding one of his bones!

Kylo Rock

Awe I cannot get enough of him!  I am definitely going to be sewing a WHOLE LOT MORE now that we are finally settled!

If you want to see more of this please feel free to check it out on my website!!

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