Blue Burda Blunder

As is the main cause of UFO in the sewing room, fit issues caused this dress to be banished into the corner.

This was my first time using a BurdaStyle pattern. I was well prepared for the notorious lack of instructions which goes with Burda patterns, but I now know that Burda patterns are drafted for 180cm Amazonian worrier women.


Clearly that’s not me!

I cut the material on a cutting binge in November or December of last year (I don’t particularly enjoy crouching on the kitchen floor to cut out so I do a bunch at once if the mood takes me). After my Christmas present sewing was done, I decided to make up this “it seems quick and easy” dress around new years. As instructed I sewed the french darts first, then tried it against myself in the mirror – the darts pointed to imaginary boobs somewhere around my lower ribs! I really should have done the simple exercise of measuring the pattern pieces BEFORE cutting out, but in my haste to just get the cutting done this step was missed in my “she’ll be right” attitude.

I ended up having to remove about 5cm from the shoulders, then re-cut the front and back necklines, and armscye. THEN the sleeves were all wrong. They caught when I lifted my arms up, pulling the whole dress up. I had to remove a whole lot of material from my upper bust/chest, and shift up the whole sleeve. In doing that I had to reset the cap of the sleeve to be a pleat instead of the dart as was drafted. If it wasn’t for this month’s theme on The Monthly Stitch this dress would still be sitting in the corner!


This isn’t duck face I promise – it’s me saying “I don’t know what to doooo”


Pattern: Burdastyle #107 09/2012 Shift Dress

Material: Chambray from Remnant Warehouse in Melbourne

Satisfaction: I’m really happy with the end result. I hope I can replicate all my changes to make this pattern again. I love the simple style. The french darts were what sold it for me, and I plan to make more.


Total UFOs finished inFebruary – 1 – The above dress

Total UFOs created in February – 2 – Oh dear


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  1. I will have to check out Burda patterns as I am very tall, over 180cm. Love the final result of the dress though, sorry to hear you had so many problems with the fit. I know how frustrating that is, and in the end you almost hate the garment for all the problems it has caused. Hope your next sewing projects fly smoothly. Cheers, Michele


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