Four February Finishes!

At the beginning of the month, I dug out a bunch of unfinished objects at different stages in hopes that I could finish a few in honor of this month’s challenge! And yay… I actually finished four of them!

First up… My sister gave me this sweater to repair over a year ago. :/ Not a hand sewn garment, but I’m definitely counting it! 🙂 Because, wahooo, it’s finally out of my fix-it pile!

Sweater Repair | Life by Ky Blog Sweater Repair | Life by Ky Blog

Sweater Repair | Life by Ky Blog

Second… the Greenwood Tank was/is my first indie paper pattern! I love pdfs but it was so fun to work with a pre-printed pattern for a change! I got it in one of her Stitch Kits back in September of last year, then did a test run and cut my fabric in October. Then my cut fabric pieces sat there waiting patiently for me… until now! 🙂

 Straight Stitch Designs Greenwood Tank | Life by Ky Blog Straight Stitch Designs Greenwood Tank | Life by Ky Blog

Straight Stitch Designs Greenwood Tank | Life by Ky Blog

Next up… these have been cut and waiting to be sewn for a while… my best fitting pair of leggings yet! Yay! I’ve been making small adjustments each time I make the Matilda Leggings (pattern can be found here) and this was actually my fourth time making them out of this fabric so the fit was spot on! Unfortunately (for me) these ones aren’t for me! This pair is headed to my cousin, who – as luck may have it – has the exact same measurements as me 😀 (so much easier to sew for!)

 Matilda Leggings | Life by Ky Blog Matilda Leggings | Life by Ky Blog

Last up… a P4P Men’s Henley tee for the boy! He’s been requesting a hoodie for just about ever, and I finally decided to give the Henley hoodie a try… so this was more of a wearable muslin. I’ve had the pattern printed for a while, so this month I finally cut it and sewed this up! I wanted to finish it before Valentine’s Day, but didn’t end up having time… but I did finish in February! 🙂

P4P Men's Henley | Life by Ky Blog

As always, thank you for the motivation, TMS! For more photos and details, stop by my blog!

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