Linen Trousers UFO

Just sneaking another UFO into February’s The Monthly Stitch. This is the second garment I’ve finished this month and it is also another garment that I’d been making for the #1Year1Outfit project which is being hosted by Nicki over at Thisismoonlight. The main aim is for participants to make a locally sourced outfit in a year. My recent jacket was made for this challenge too.

This garment has probably remained in the UFO pile simply because the jacket was taking up so much of my time. It has been a relatively easy project, since I opted to use a tried-and-tested trouser pattern, Vogue pattern V8546.

I sourced the fabric from John England, which is based in Banbridge, Co Down. Not very local, but at least in the UK. According to their website “the last jacquard linen weavers in Ireland”. Since zips area no-no for the #1Year1Outfit project, I drafted my own button-fly closure instead. The buttons are ceramic and made locally by Poppy Ceramics.

Linen trousers

I couldn’t resist jazzing this plain pair of trousers up with a linen embroidery in linen thread as a finishing touch. More over on my website, as usual.

Waistband on linen trousers


6 thoughts on “Linen Trousers UFO

  1. Oh, darling!
    Those buttons~!! They are wondrous!! Well, you’ve most certainly made an explorer out of me. I’ll be searching high and low for some similar buttons. Even if I have to make them {which is most likely.}
    I love the very comforting look of your pants. It looks like it fits well, and is warm. And, I adore the wide pant leg look. I’m surrounded by “skinny-jean” wearers, so this is quite refreshing…


    • I am a great devotee of trousers. I wear all kinds wide-legged, flares, skinny. I think the wide-legged look looks better for work. I love the ceramic buttons too. This 1Year1Outfit challenge has really got be hooked on sourcing things from unusual places.


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