Mental Moneta UFO Finally Complete!


It’s the last day of February, but my first post here on TMS! I’ve been watching and reading for a while so I thought I’d jump in. Coincidentally, my UFO today is the first dress I’ve ever made!

To give you some backstory – over a year ago I bought the pattern for the Moneta dress from Colette Patterns. I loved the pattern and really wanted one. I’d not made any clothing at all, so before I tried the dress, I tried my hand at Colette’s free Sorbetto shirt. It didn’t go so well.

It put me off and I had the underlying feeling that I just wasn’t ready to be making clothes, so I retreated into the safety of bags and bunting and my Moneta dress pattern remained in the back of my mind, printed out and untouched for over a year.

I’m counting that as a UFO, despite not having the fabric to complete it until recently. In fact, it was the serendipitous acquiring of a large amount of stretchy fabric that bought me back to the idea. I purchased some fabric for an infinity scarf and came away with heaps more than I needed. Suddenly I thought of my Moneta. I couldn’t use the leftover fabric to finally try out my dress, could I?


Making the most of it not raining here for once.

Yes, I could! Finally my Moneta dress is a reality and I love it!

The Breakdown:

  • Pattern: Colette’s Moneta dress, version 1. This version has the round collar at the front, ending in overlapping wings at the back. It also has no sleeves. These two things are the reason I chose this version to try first, I was nervous about sleeves on my first dress, and I love collars! Now it’s finished though, I also love the lined bodice that you get with this version and how easy it was to finish the armholes neatly!

I really like the overlapping collar back (if you can tell it apart from the dress!)

  • Fabric: This is a really stretchy fabric that I bought from a local market to make an infinity scarf. I love the geometric pattern, I think the pink-and-black appeals to my days as a grungy teenager!
  • Edits to the Pattern: The pattern originally had pockets that I skipped. I’m not too fussed about pockets in my dresses – I don’t use them so they seem unnecessary. Plus I didn’t want any extra fuss in making it. It made the construction of the skirt super-easy though! I also skipped the shirring of the skirt, partly because I couldn’t find the pattern-recommended clear elastic anywhere (is this a big thing or could I have used normal elastic?) and partly because my fabric was very stretchy anyway, I didn’t think it was too needed. To be honest I can’t see that it misses it at all.


  • Overall thoughts: I really like this dress and I’ll definitely be making another one soon (I totally don’t already have fabric for it *whistles*). These sorts of dresses are essential staples in my wardrobe to be worn casually with leggings and a cardi. I would like to have possibly made the lining / collar bits in another fabric so they stood out more, but hey, that’s what next time is for right?

For more pictures and thoughts on my making of the Moneta dress, you’re welcome to come check it out on my blog!

In other UFO news, I took in a shirt for my mum that I’ve had hanging around the house since Christmas and also put several buttons back on The Boy’s work shirts – I don’t know how he’s losing them!

Thanks, Monthly Stitch, for letting me join in the fun! I’m looking forward to all the March posts already!


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