My Making a Poodle Skirt

In Sweden we have a saying called “making a poodle”. It is when someone, usually a public person, has to retract a previous statement in the public eye. A very famous example of making a poodle would be when Bill Clinton announced that yes he did have an affair with Monica Lewinsky, after he previously had denied it. Classic poodle! This expression is often used in Swedish politics reporting so it’s something most Swedes are familiar with.

Now, there is a point to this linguistics lesson. I have already posted once this month, about taking in a skirt. In that post I wrote that I tend not to have UFOs which made it hard for me to participate this month. After I’d finished my Leaf skirt I turned to my next project. Then last week, just days before the UFO theme was ending I realized that I had a UFO. The shame! It was a skirt I cut out in the fall, the leftovers from my Jade Belladone. One of those times when I wanted to sew something and made do with what I had. This skirt was meant to be lined so I off to the fabric store I went to get some lining. Once there I was distracted by other cute fabrics, some of which came home with me, and started working with those. Plus in my distraction I had forgotten to buy lining.

Flash forward until present day when I realized this skirt was still lingering in my sewing room, completely forgotten. I had sewn the pleat and the darts so I drafted some facings, sewed the side seams and zipper and hemmed it. Then I proceeded to clean out my sewing stash and now I am fairly confident I have no UFOs hiding. (I do have a jacket that’s unfinished but it’s beyond fixing for me, it’s just too unflattering).

Now, I have another cute little spring skirt. This skirt was very easy and quick to sew, it couldn’t have taken more than a couple of hours tops. Also, I can enter into March with a clear conscience, the statement I made about not having UFO will not stand and be left unchallenged.

So, now I’ve given you an example of “making a poodle”.


Pattern: Burda 2012-09-116A
Fabric: Jade pique in cotton
Notions: Invisible zipper, interfacing

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