UFO sighting

I don’t tend to store UFOs, particularly. I find having unfinished projects lying around makes me stressed and less able to enjoy current projects – if I’m not enjoying a project, I’m inclined to finish it quickly so I can get it out of my life as soon as possible instead.

This one, then, was only made UFO because other projects became more pressing – I started it in early December, then added a last-minute additional sewn Christmas present, so I was racing up to Christmas Eve to finish it as well as other gifts (my sister, on the other hand, hasn’t yet finished one of her Christmas presents. I’m doing ok). It’s a marvel it lasted from then till now unfinished, actually – it only needed some adjustment of the bottom band and hem bands to become finished, and it is enough of a wardrobe necessity at the moment that I actually wore it a couple of times before completing those.


Near-unrecognisable as it may be, this started life as the Muse Jenna cardigan. I wear semifitted cardigans with V-necks and nothing particularly interesting going on every day, so it was always a plan of mine to play with Jenna and see if I could turn it into what I had in mind. This isn’t quite that, but it’s close – and I have some more gorgeous merino to play with next, so it will get closer.

Kat released a V-neck variation for Jenna in January. Unfortunately, I started making this in December, so this is my own drafted version. The neckline change worked ok, if not perfectly, but I did end up with some fudging around the hips where I tried to grade up for being pear-shaped, did a bad job of it and ended up with wings, and then discovered it was unnecessary and cut it back down. I’m going to have to work out what I did before cutting my next version, I have no intention to do that again.


I’m not 100% happy with the way the bottom edge sits, still. I think that’s about half the fact that I wear it open (not closed, as the pattern is intended) and about half my fudging the hip thing. Definitely not enough to make me not wear it though.


For the neck/front band – since I was making decisions myself and not doing what Kat recommends in the v-neck variation – I decided to do a fairly narrow band, uninterfaced but also only stretched around the neck itself, not down the front. I don’t really plan to ever wear this buttoned up, and am not even sure if I’ll bother putting buttons on (I have a set that would work ok, but actually think they’d be better on the hypothetical next iteration) so I decided a wider, interfaced button band would not be necessary. I didn’t take into consideration that it would flip out and the edges would become visible – I’m not super fussed about it, but next time I’ll try to work out a better way to finish them off.

This is a super soft and snuggly merino knit from The Fabric Store – it’s perfect for the changing seasons, as it’s lightweight but still fairly warm.

I think that’s all from me – time to think about the trends now!

(I blog over here, but actually there’s nothing about this cardigan, and not likely ever to be more than a few sentences, sorry)

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    • My theory is that knit fabric should be easier! I’m not sure how that’s working out for me – I do tend to end up with something wearable, which I might not trying the same techniques on a woven, but they’re never my most-loved garments.

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