UFO sightings! Real photographs! TRUE STORY!

I almost never make UFOs; I’m a serial finisher of all projects I start (seriously, I think there have been two UFOs in my entire sewing history). But I soon realized I needed to expand my definition of UFO… what about intended refashions that never happened?

I have a hamper of things I bought from the thrift store over the past year or so that I thought might be worth refashioning . But virgin yardage and shiny new things grab my attention far more frequently. I rarely actually DO the refashions… just envision. For UFO month I got ambitious; I decided I wanted to do them ALL! Probably 10-12 items in total.

Item #1: a slightly mumsy and very colorful cardigan becomes a pillow!

refashion before after

I maintained that center front stripe match-up, and added some diagonal lines in the corner and some whipstitched embroidery. Click here to read more about how I did it!

Item #2: Biker chick leather skirt… so cool but not really my style. I made it into a date night clutch!


I copied some of the finishing techniques from the RTW skirt (this involved a GLUESTICK!). More about the process here.

I was on a roll… I completed these 2 in about a week. And then my sewing machine pedal broke. And 15 DAYS LATER [can you imagine going 15 days without sewing????] my new one finally showed up, just a few days before the end of February.

Dear Monthly Stitchers, I failed to accomplish my goal in February. But I’m not giving up! My laundry basket awaits! Stay tuned on my blog for more refashions in March… I shall triumph!

In the meantime, I guess I need to start thinking about what’s HOT.

8 thoughts on “UFO sightings! Real photographs! TRUE STORY!

  1. I love that you’ve expanded the definition of unfinished project. Like you, I usually always finish a project, too, even if I never end up wearing it. I just have to finish it. But I do have a lot of garments that I have to “fix”, minor alterations here and there, that just languish. Anyway, I love your refashions!


  2. Great refashions. I have a leather skirt all disassembled waiting to be turned into a tote bag once I find the right thrifted fabric for lining it. I might use some black faux leather that I have left over from another refashion, but it will have to wait until I am inspired. Love the pillow, great use of the mumsy cardigan. Cheers, Michele


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