Belladone Skirt UFO

And this here is my first official Monthly Stitch post! Whoo!


Short intro: my name is Laura and I’ve been sewing for something over five years? I’m mostly a handsewer because I like the control and because I can multi-task by listening to lectures, audio books, etc. while stitching. The stash is fairly large (could probably fill a regular cheap(er) five shelf bookcase) and I’m endeavoring to sew it down while improving my skills little by little. Intro over. 😉

This is my fourth (?) iteration of the Belladone: two being skirts, one the full dress, and one being the bodice paired with a skirt from another pattern, and I have another full dress awaiting completion. Can you tell I like this pattern?


The fabric is a swell tobacco colored twill from Joann’s. I kid you not, that’s what the tag on the bolt said. Um, that the color is tobacco– not that it is swell, although it is swell, though I need to work on my pressing skills, which isn’t the twills fault…

Anyway, since I’ve made the skirt part of this pattern a few times, there weren’t any particular issues during construction (other than the fingers getting tired from pushing the needle through the waistband pieces, which were lined with super stiff interfacing). The main difference for this iteration was that I lined(?) the pockets with a black and white cotton batik because I wanted to save the rest of the twill for a camera case. You can just see the batik in the below photo.


I might just have to improve my zipper insertion skills, though.

Happy sewing!








9 thoughts on “Belladone Skirt UFO

  1. I can’t believe how beautiful this skirt is and all hand sewn by you. That is amazing. I think you did a terrific job with the zipper…those things are my nemesis and I machine sew so that is doubly impressive. Great job. Cheers, Michele


  2. I am beyond impressed that you hand sew garments! I enjoy hand sewing, but not that much and I’m too impatient to have things finished. Skirt looks beautiful.


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