This post is fueled by watching many many episodes of the X-Files while I sewed. Appropriate for my UFO post.

I finished these up in February but haven’t had a chance to write up a post until now. I didn’t have a chance to take more professional pictures either. Things have been quite busy for 2016 so far!

Both are the Snapdragon skirt from Tenterhook Patterns made in cream suiting with pastel threads throughout and a heavyweight red wool with gray and black plaid.

20160226_100531.jpg 20160225_091905.jpg

They are both classic pencil skirts and hit just at mid-calf.

These were both cut out back in December, I think. I also cut out a top to go with the cream skirt, but never got it done in time for the UFO challenge. It might work for this month’s challenge, though. I hope I get it done!

In the right hand picture, I am also sporting my new vee neck Jenna Cardi using the expansion pack that Muse Patterns released a short while ago. You can read more on my blog.



6 thoughts on “Aliens!

  1. X Files is my favorite sewing show too! I find myself sitting with very little done at the end of an episode however 😶They’re lovely fabric choices, the extra weight must make those pencil skirts sit nicely.

    👾The truth is out there 👽


    • Thanks so much.
      Yeay X-Files! 😀 I can watch most episodes and still get stuff done (I’ve seen them all before), but every once in a while, I find myself sitting and watching more than sewing. It’s so good!


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