Lingerie is #sewhotrightnow

I was really glad there was an inspiration post telling us less-than-sartorialists what is #sewhotrightnow; otherwise I might have missed this challenge.

Lingerie… I have never really worn or purchased it before. But about a year back I bought The Secrets of Sewing Lingerie because it is just a BEAUTIFUL sewing book, and this challenge was exactly what I needed to get started using it!

So here it is… my first lingerie!

l-set angle

I am SO PROUD of this make. It took a lot of planning, and a lot of techniques that were new to me! So let’s start from the beginning…


A planning photo I took of the different layering effects I could create with my trims and fabrics

I knew I wanted to use some grey silk habotai that I bought during the NYC fabric shopping trip of my dreams, and I decided to pair it with a mottled teal/navy stretch lace rescued from a thrifted skirt.

I went through my entire trim stash and pulled out some pieces that I thought would compliment, playing with color combinations and layering.

I looked at some inspiration photos online, and just really tried to think about what fabric/trim combinations would be the most advantageous. Finally I was ready to sketch. Here’s what I came up with:


I introduced the lace overlays to the panties, because I noticed online a lot of panties have a “V” included in the design (HMMM… wonder why?? 🙂 Otherwise, these follow the pattern in the book pretty closely.

First step was to procure all the necessary trim. This took awhile! For my navy lace, the scallops on top and bottom had to be trimmed off of the floral section in the middle. I had to do 5 yds of this! Ah well, it was worth it in the end… I also made the little bows (here’s how).


Construction was interesting. I had to use tissue paper as a seam stabilizer for many of the seams, particularly the ones involving the stretch lace. Seam allowances were small, there was lots of hand sewing… it was persnickety!

The panties were definitely easier, so I did them first. The bra, although more challenging, ended up going faster because I had already been practicing a lot of the techniques and knew what to do to protect my delicate fabrics from my hungry machine that just wanted to eat them!


Isn’t she so cute?

Now, as I’m sure you’ve figured out, I am way too shy to share pictures of myself wearing this set. But I did want you to see the colors with my skin and hair, so here’s a couple “abstract” shots that at least give you an idea:

l-colors collage

I love the look of the floral trim against my bare skin! The grey silk feels like a good counterbalance for the riotous color of the lace.

And now, a few more gratuitous shots… because this was one of the most challenging projects I have ever done… and it turned out beautifully! Thanks Monthly Stitch for inspiring me to try something new! (Lots more info about construction and design on my blog).

l- set bows

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