Kommatia, Boxy Tunic Co-ord

So, is it too soon for co-ords to make a comeback? My sewing is only fairly recently yielding wearable items so the co-ord trend, plus Ada Spraggs two piece setacular, came and went too fast for me to take part in it. I love the style. The uniform like cohesiveness and how it automatically cuts down time thinking about what to wear. Such a good trend!! I thought it would have the skinny jeans effect and never go away but it came and went in a season. It’s time for it to live again!…through me.

The pattern

This is Kommatia knit boxy tunic. I overlocked everything and I couldn’t be more in love with that machine. The instructions are like more sparse and this pattern won’t hold your hand. At first I psyched myself out, I usually want a pattern that almost tells me how to breath through sewing! but the shape of this top is exactly my style. Big girl pants went on and it sewed up with only a few mistakes. Is this sewing progress?


The skirt I just traced off a H&M jersey skirt I wore a lot. I put it together checking a bit online but mostly by guessing what to do. Sewing with knit fabrics gives me a feeling that nothing can go wrong, I would never have done that with a woven fabric!

When a friend told me the clothes looked straight out of Urban Outfitters, I was ecstatic, Urban Outfitters was my jam! These are the first clothes I’ve made that someone confused with RTW. I even got the ‘really!?! You made that..’ 🙂 #sewingwinning



This top is so comfortable but looking at the pictures I think going with a size bigger would have been a better bet. My measurements are size small but I usually always factor in my shoulders and go bigger. I thought jersey would be more forgiving!!

I didn’t adjust the length and it stops at the biggest part of my bum/hips, making pear shaped me pretty conscious of my arse if no tucked in. To wear this as a tunic I would definitely lengthen it. I’m 5″3 and would not be able to get away with wearing this with leggings only. For my next version (yep, I’ve already bought the fabric for a second one) I’m going to either lengthen or shorten it, so it hits a more flattering point!


Untucked, sorry it’s hard to see where the top ends.

All in all I love the shape/style of this top and it’s going to be a staple.

I blog over at Pigeon wishes where I’m also doing a giveaway on a Kommatia pattern.

Thank you Monthly stitch for letting join in and thanks for reading, Meg

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  2. It’s a great outfit! The knit is fab. The sizing looks great and the outfit suits you. I think you could get a lot more tops out of this pattern for sure, in all sizes! And the skirt looks great too.


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