Miss Bossy is back!

You may have noticed on the announcement post for the April challenge – Miss Bossy has come back to pay us all a visit!

(Not sure who Miss Bossy is? She’s a rather bossy little thing, just like her name states. Every so often she comes along and decides that a challenge just isn’t quite challenging enough. So she picks something else that we have to do as part of it. Her last visit was back when we were sewing with solid colours – she designated us colours based on our names, and we had to sew with those. So bossy!)

Miss Bossy_2016_1

It turns out that Miss Bossy decided that florals won too easily. A full 50% of the votes were for florals! Easy wins are like catnip to Miss Bossy – she spots them from afar and comes over to stomp her bossy foot. Oops!

We’ve been in negotiation with her for the past few days, to figure out what her added Bossy Challenge is for April. She tried to make us all sew with a specific flower print, depending on our age! But luckily, we talked her out of that! (Phew!)

Instead, she has instructed us all to give those other challenge categories a bit of love this April, as well as florals. (After all, if their votes had been counted together, it would have been a draw!) So, this April, for your challenge, you can pick one of these options:

  • Flower Power Two Fabrics – Sew a garment containing at least two fabrics, one of which must be floral. (Bonus points if you include more than one floral in your garment!)
  • Flower Power Outfit Month – Sew two garments that go together, one of which must be floral. (Bonus points if both your garments are floral!)

Yikes! So bossy!!

Which of the two Flower Power challenges will you be picking up this April? (I have plans for a floral dress with a cardigan for over it, for the Floral Outfit Month theme. Perhaps….)


8 thoughts on “Miss Bossy is back!

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  3. I’ve found my pattern, I’ve found my fabrics, and I’m off to my mums so she can cut my pieces out for me (right hand in a cast so I can’t cut anything haha). I’m coming for you Miss Bossy!


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