Sew Hot Right Now


The March challenge, marl knits, was a great one for me since I’d already found a dress in a pale grey marl with a floral print ready for a refashion. I don’t always refashion garments, sometimes I use the fabric I find in garments, occasionally I buy fabric and sometimes I make sample garments for other people.

The dress, picked up in a sale, was ready for a refashion, mainly because I don’t often wear dresses and I don’t suit this type of neckline. I was going to chop the new top shape from the bottom up, giving it a wide hem and body, but then decided to keep all the pieces already made for me. I liked the raglan sleeve and the slightly fitted body shape.




I really do seem to spend a lot of time chopping off sleeves, or in this instance, hems, just so that I can attach yet another form of neck tie, and it does give an old shirt or blouse a bit of a revamp! So I have featured a step by step tutorial on my blog showing the method I usually use to attach them! Have a look if you’d like to give it a try.



So once this was finished, I decided I didn’t like it!? It felt bulky, maybe because the fabric was cut across the piece and not down what would be the selvage edge, or maybe it was too wide and heavy for the top, I’m not sure, I just knew that tie was coming off. I was shopping with my daughter and spotted several high street stores with simple shirts, made in jersey fabric. Problem solved. I remade this again! I cut a bit off the length, this I used for the collar stand, the second collar stand, the two collar pieces and the button stands were all formed from the neck tie.



And here is the new version, and just as well that I’m happy with this, because there definitely is not enough fabric left in it to remake it into anything else!

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