Seventies swans swimming towards completion

I did it! I did it! I actually, finally completed this dress!!

(And then I didn’t get a blog post written for a couple of weeks. Oops! But I am determined that this Monthly Stitch related UFO gets documented on the blog that made me make it in the first place. So, here it is!)

This has been a UFO since last April. Originally I cut it out for the Put A Bird On It challenge. Because – origami swans!

And then I didn’t get around to finishing it. Why not? Because I wanted to find a contrast colour for the collar, and by the time I’d managed to get to the fabric store, April was over and I’d moved on to sewing something else.

So then when Vintage Pattern month rolled around in September, I once again pulled it out, intending to finish it. Because – 1970’s pattern!

And again, it didn’t happen. Not sure why, I think I just got too busy….

Then Amnesty Month came about in December. Yay! Another opportunity and prompt to pull this one out and finish it off, and even cover off two challenge themes in one!

Yeah, that didn’t happen either. Clearly.

Oh well, it only took four appropriate Monthly Stitch challenges before this progressed from cutting to sewing. 😉

This here dress was made using a vintage 1970’s pattern. Classic 1970’s, with collar, centre front zip, and princess seams.

I kept in with the 1970’s theme and used my mother’s old 1970’s Elna Lotus ZZ machine to stitch most of it up. (Except the zipper, because I switched back to my own trusty Elna with it’s invisible zipper foot for that part.)

And now – I have a dress! It has origami swans on it! And I can wear it, rather than it languishing in my to-do pile like it did for nearly a year!! So a big thank-you to UFO Showdown month, for finally making me finish this one off. Yay!

Want to know more? You can read a bunch more on my blog. There’ll be a review of the Elna Lotus ZZ up there within the next few days, too. Plus, I’m holding a giveaway for the 1970’s pattern I used.

Next up, a “sew hot right now” dress that needs to be blogged. 😉

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