Sew Hot Right Now, number 2



I love working with knitted fabrics, and I was planning another one. A refashion is one of my favourite ways of working, and feeling inspired by my favourite of all the Miss Marples, I wanted to make a coatigan similar to those I see her wearing on the TV series. This Miss Marple is played by Geraldine Mckeown. I love the costume work of whoever designed the garments for this series. If I was younger I would dress like this all the time, but now I’m too old for doing that, when I say this I mainly mean the hats! But that doesn’t mean I can’t poach little bits and pieces for ideas for the things I make.


Found!! One giant, masses of fabric in it, waterfall cardigan. This one is perfect to refashion into a Miss Marple coatigan?



Once I find a shape I like I see no reason not to reuse it.


I used the collar shape that I had copied from my 50’s jacket. It was simple to make it a bit deeper by adding on 2 – 3 cms onto the outer edge only. I transferred the neck shape and the front rever shape too. You can find an easy dart tip and more on my blog!


However, turns out, I don’t suit this coatigan at all, it looks better on the dummy than it looks on me. Time to rethink it? I decided simply to shorten it, unpicked and moved up the pockets and cut 15cm off the hem, leaving a new hem of 4cm. I also changed the buttons to a bigger size. The sleeves had been slightly too short so I added a narrow cuff.


It has kept a granny look though, maybe because the fabric looks like big plain knitting stitches, I don’t know, but at this new length it has become one of my new favourites!


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