I’m bringing the 70’s back!

I’m having a 70 seventies party on my blog this month. I needed a reason to celebrate the Afro that I love so much and I thought I would sew a few things to go along with this Afro. I have three different posts already up on the blog in celebration of the seventies. I will have a few more before the month is out so drop by to see what else is going down on the flip side!….too much? ah well.

[These outfits were made for and modeled by my daughter Mori]

The first two looks were inspired by Missoni and if you don’t know what I’m talking about Google it. I hacked the Margo Blouse pattern from Blue Dot Patterns. I love this pheasant top and I decided to make it into a maxi dress and then I opened up the front to make it a duster that can be worn over a bathing suit, shorts or jeans. The fabric is a weave so it can be worn in the warmer weather. We opted to show it with jeans and a tank top.

MS 2

Pattern HERE   Fabric HERE  Original Post HERE

Next up is the Poncho Dress. I love this dress, it’s simplicity lets the fabric shine bright like a diamond, shine bright like a diamond…..wait wrong period were are talking 70’s here so it lets the fabric shine like______! You fill in the blank, cause I got nothing. The dress can be forgiving for all figures and it’s just fun to wear.  On the blog we show you how this looks as a top with jeans, it’s also versatile.

MS 1  Pattern McCall’s M6835 Out-of-Print  Fabric HERE  Original Post HERE

My third look for this series is a blast from the past and it was right on time for this 70’s party! My Giselle for Kate and Rose patterns has seventies written all over it. When I made this I totally had seventies vibes and I had to tone down the puffy sleeves I originally had on the dress because my daughter said she was not wearing that with those things. I re-purposed a denim dress for the top of this dress and used premium cottons for the bottom.

MS 3Pattern HERE    Original Post HERE & HERE

I hope you enjoyed my 70’s looks and if you wanna see more pics…cause you know how I like pictures, be sure to stop by the blog, jive turkey! Umm I think that a little over the top but you get what I’m saying.

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  1. How lucky is your daughter??!! She will never ever leave home 😉your makes a groovy and far out. I am convinced that like the 20s/30s, the 70s are always so hot.


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