They want you! They want you! They want you as a new recruit!

While I was making this top, all I could think about was the Village People. I have an urge to search the world for treasure, study oceanography and sail the seven seas… But until that happens, let’s talk about my new Grainline Scout t-shirt!

The nautical look never seems to go out of fashion. If it’s got an anchor or a navy blue stripe then you’ve generally got a spring/summer look nailed. They seem to have become a modern classic – ubiquitous, yes, but also casual, simple and easy to wear. Just throw one on over a pair of jeans and you’ve got yourself an outfit.

I’d always fancied making a stripy top, but for some reason I can never find stripy fabric in the shops. Perhaps I’m not looking hard enough, or perhaps it sells out really quickly, but it’s eluded me so far… Until last week when I was in my local fabric shop. As I’m currently on a stash diet I was only looking for stuff to complete some planned makes, but when I was picking out some lining the sale section caught my eye. There was this stripy viscose just sitting there, just waiting to be used on a t-shirt. I got the last 1.2m, and since it was the end of the roll, the lady gave it to me for the price of 1m.

Feeling slightly guilty about buying fabric while on a ban (OK, not that guilty. I’d do it again, dammit), I resolved to get this out of the stash as quickly as possible. The Grainline Scout was the obvious choice – quick, simple and stress free cos I’ve made it a million times before.

Stripy scout front resize

It’s finally warm enough to take photos outside!


Construction was easy enough – to make the best use of the fabric and to help with stripe matching, I cut it out on the flat. I used French seams throughout – mainly because I couldn’t be bothered to get my overlocker out and rethread it – which my machine didn’t seem to like all that much. Multiple skipped stitches meant rethreading, new needles and even oiling my machine. Might as well have made the extra effort and overlocked the seams, but at least it’s super neat on the inside now.

I also made my own bias tape and for once it turned out brilliantly (I use the Colette tutorial and it usually turns out all skewed, but I managed to line it up properly this time), but having attached it I think I should have used plain white or sewn it to the outside as a feature. The dark blue stripes show through the white fabric a little, which I suppose is a bit unsightly, but I’ll chalk that one up to experience.

I know it’s just a simple stripy t-shirt, but I am pretty excited about this one. I’m chuffed with my stripe matching efforts, I love the drape of the fabric and the insides of this one are so very neat. All in all a satisfying make that’s going to see a lot of action, and I’ve finally scratched that stripy top itch.

Stripy scout back resize

You can just about see my stripe matching efforts at the side seams here… or can you?! 😀

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