Jumpsuits – Sew Hot They’re Cool

I sincerely apologize聽for posting a post related to last month’s sewing challenge 馃槮 I did not intend to do that. This is what happens when you get too excited and confused about which challenge is for which month.聽聽I’m posing in front of April Flowers. Does聽that count?

See the full post (silly version) out at my blog, GroovyLittleCity

I’ve been looking for a good jumpsuit pattern to dive into ever since I jettisoned my obscene, mean, green, overalls folly in February. I’ve actually purchased a couple of digital patterns I haven’t gotten around to printing, yet, but when I was in Joann’s last weekend I happened upon this easy make and decided to give it a shot. Presenting See & Sew’s B6312, view B. As a beginning (and, that day, somewhat bloated) garment sewist, it seemed right up my alley.

This is so very much NOT a picture of me. This is the Butterick See & Sew B6312 Jumpsuit Lady.

As promised, it was, indeed, a fairly easy sew even though聽it required聽my first zipper and my first set of in-seam pockets. The pattern only has 3 pieces – front, back, and pocket, each of which are cut twice (not on the fold), and it doesn’t even require an inordinate amount of fabric. I decided to use up some聽light weight denim in my stash, but I forgot that it’s 60″ wide, so I still have enough left for another project. I cut a size medium, going from the finished measurements rather than the sizing on the back of the package.

As you would expect, the pattern does have 5/8″ seam allowances. I don’t mind that at this stage in my sewing because it leaves room for mistakes. One complaint I do have, though, is the 5/8″ seam allowance for the neck. It made it harder to sew on bias for the neck binding, and, per the instructions, I ended up cutting away most of that allowance (including the stay stitching I’d just been instructed to sew) as soon as I got the bias sewn to the front of the neckline.

Also, this was my first “v” neckline, and it turned out wavy despite my best efforts. If I make this again, I’ll simply abut聽the edge of the bias tape against the original neck line, which is plenty wide enough without losing another 1/2″ or so.


I swear to you that the instructions instructed me to sew the binding on in exactly this way. Pretty much. I’m not sure what happened at the “v” part you see sticking out at you, there. Probably not the instructions, though, I’ll give you that.

I tried this on the other night right after I got the seams sewn up, and before I’d tackled the neck binding or the hems or聽the sleeves or… well, come to think of it, I still haven’t hemmed the legs and the seams are simply going to get the pinking shears treatment… but, at any rate, I tried it on hot off the sewing machine. And I laughed out loud, because I looked like I was wearing some weird uniform, or maybe like a Saturday Night Live character from 1985, or maybe even a little bit like聽Humpty Dumpty, if Humpty Dumpty was walking around my sewing room in bare feet sans tie, socks, or shoes.

Point being that I already knew this wasn’t going to be a sexy suit. My hope – and my challenge! – was that I would be able to accessorize this sucker right in to fashion. Which is what I initially intended to do. But then Paco came home from work right about the time I’d managed to strap on my new Coach platform sandals (purchased for last week’s job interview), and聽the light outside was gorgeous and about to go away, and I just said, “screw it” and handed him the camera.

This was the result, with a few attempts at different styling scenarios:


“Ok,” my husband聽said, kindly, after several pictures were taken. 聽“You know, I can see something that might be a problem. The zipper just seems really… long.”

And he was right. The zipper, which reaches halfway down my bootie, is 22″ long, because that’s what the instructions told聽me to use. I’m a shorty. My back isn’t even 22″ long. I knew that when I followed the instructions but I thought maybe the people who wrote the instructions knew something magical and mathematical I did not know about my own back. Now I know they did not. I also know how to sew in a zipper, now, which was a bonus of completing this project.



Oh God. What’s happening to the back of my upper arms. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THE BACK OF MY UPPER ARMS.

Here’s another聽super stylish version of my outfit, in which I look like I am being swallowed by a giant hat or – if the background was a beach – by a manta ray:


All in all I actually see myself wearing this – with my Converse shoes, and probably with some major jazzing up. I think this jumpsuit needs to be bedazzled in a big way, and I’ve never said that about anything ever before in my entire life. Front patch pockets in addition to side seam pockets? And why not? Who doesn’t need more pockets? Rhinestones? Sequins? Embroidery? Beads? Lace? THIS JUMPSUIT NEEDS MORE EVERYTHING, AMIRIGHT?

Or maybe it’s best to just accept the jumpsuit for what it is: a simple, supremely comfortable, light weight denim onesie I can actually wear in public. It’s like the granny panty version of a female leisure suit, sans belt.

Seriously. I think this might be a win. Somehow, it fits me, even though I’m not sure it fits me, and that’s really good enough for me.



3 thoughts on “Jumpsuits – Sew Hot They’re Cool

  1. I think you look adorable in your new jumpsuit! The zipper would be really easy to shorten, if you have a mind to. Just take out the stitching on the bottom six inches or so, sew the back seam higher, and cut the zipper off.

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