Operation Boob goes Botanical

I’ve been on a mission to create a breastfeeding friendly wardrobe (Operation Boob!) for the last couple of months and this month I’ve finally had an opportunity to test some of my makes out.

That’s because the lovely Beatrice finally made an appearance on Easter weekend. She’s a lovely wee thing but like all newborns can be a little demanding. Which is why I’m surprised to be posting this month at all. Thankfully Mr King is v supportive and has given me a few windows of free time for sewing.


This is  Sewaholic’s granville shirt pattern. It’s my second attempt at this pattern – I followed the measurements meticulously on the back last time. Whilst the shirt was lovely it was big enough to fit me at 8 months pregnant! So this time I entirely ignored their instructions and have made a tremendous fitting shirt.

Obviously I’m hoping it will be too big for me in a few months once I begin my attempts to shift the baby weight and get fit again.

And of course I obeyed Little Miss Bossy and made the insides of the shirt with an alternative fabric. This was entirely planned and had nothing to do with me running out of fabric…..ahem!


Check out the rest of my Operation Boob makes on my blog here

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