I only like flowers under my clothes.

This was a tough challenge for me. I am not really into florals (though, truthfully, I have made a few garments with a floral motif). This definitely was not my vote, & as soon as it was announced, I started wondering how I could game the system. But in the end, I came up with something that is made of at least two different fabrics (five, in fact), & one (two?) of them is technically a floral.


Yeah! I made a bra! This is the third bra I have ever made & my first Pin-Up Girls pattern. This is the Shelley, size 40D. I mixed & matched from two different kits from Bramakers Supply to get this pink & turquoise pairing. The Shelley is a full-frame bra with a split lower cup, powerbar, & lace upper cup. The lace is where the floral comes in. This counts, right?

You can read all the details over at my blog, but I will leave you with a few more photos in the meantime.


The back! I sewed contrasting blue (floral!) lace into the seam where the band meets the back, & along the strap curve.


Back detail. There are flowers in there, right? Kind of?


Look at that topstitching! Especially along the wire line. I am really, really proud of that topstitching, guys.

10 thoughts on “I only like flowers under my clothes.

  1. So pretty! I’ve got to learn how to make bras. I have one pattern but I haven’t purchased materials or prioritized the project (yet). But this is so inspiring it did, at least, just move up in my list.


    • Awesome! Bramaking is really fun, & addicting. Though it can be scary to get started because it does require some specialty materials that can be a bit challenging to come by, & there’s always the fear (for me, anyway) of sinking a bunch of time & money into a project that ends up being a wadder.

      When it works though…What better complement to a handmade outfit than a handmade bra to wear underneath?

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