Flower Power for April

I love florals!

New, old, subtle, abstract, bright, ditsy, traditional, retro, whatever!

I refashioned this vintage blouse, it was badly damaged, and remade it into a top that I’m looking forward to wearing when the weather here gets warmer!


This is a story, where I did feel a bit guilty, but I also managed to save a lovely piece of vintage fabric, so I’m sticking to that as my justification. This vintage blouse was lovely as it was. It was bought by my daughter at one of the vintage fairs in Edinburgh. What we hadn’t noticed was the holes in the underarms, not just at the seams, but around the whole area. Not so nice! And a hazard of this type of shopping!


Fortunately the blouse was in a larger size than both of us, so it still had potential.


The sleeves, and therefore the armholes, were so deep that I wasn’t sure if there would be enough fabric to reshape the sides, but luckily the front and back body pieces were wide enough for me to be able to move the side seams over and make the armholes the correct size.


I unpicked the waistband and buckle. I remade these into a self fabric matching belt and reused the buttons.


Should I feel guilt free? Guilt gone! Originally it was a beautiful style of top, in such a pretty print, but with so much damage and being far too big, I’m glad I took the time to make it into something that can be worn again. If you’re interested in any extra detail of this remake, have a look at my post here.




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