Flower Power Trio Love Pease Happiness

Flower Power TRIO Love Peace Happiness 

Flower Power TRIO Love Peace Happiness is my fourth make for the KNIPster 2016 sewing award run by KNIPmode. We, the contestants had to make an outfit with flower design fabrics. With Miss Bossy in my mind I decided to go for the option Flower Power Outfit Month. Flower Power TRIO Love Peace Happiness is a combination using a fabric with flower print combined with element of the Flower Power period of the previous century. My inspiration for my 6-piece gored skirt came from these two skirts found on the internet and has pockets in the front side parts. All seams have piping made of the fabric that was used for the blouse. The inside of the belt loops have a stripe of the same flower fabric. The blouse is my translation of the kabaja. Many of the clothes that were worn during the Flower Power Period had an Indian cut. The collar and the sleeves of the blouse have a small white stripe of broderie Anglaise fabric with small flowers. Making statements on clothing with paillettes is one of the fashion elements this year. In the Haute Couture-collectie 2016 ‘Robotic Nature’ of Jan Taminiau you can see beautiful embroidery with beads and paillettes. The blue T-shirt is finished with a hand embroidered flower design made with pale blue paillettes. Love to hear if Miss Bossy is satisfied with my translation of her demands. More information about the KNIPster award and some other photo’s can be found here. If you like my make you can vote for me. Voting for this theme is open now and runs until Wednesday 12.00h C.E.T. (thank you so much)

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