Baring our shoulders for florals

IMG_0461 (1)I didn’t think I’d be able to participate in this Month’s challenge, Flower Power, because I didn’t have any florals in my fabric stash. Ha!  A quick inventory told me quite the opposite. My stash inventory is full of florals, which makes my stash ‘on trend’, right? It’s amazing how many cotton prints have a flower buried somewhere in the repeating motif!

This shirt has cut-out shoulders, a trend I’ve been eyeing since it appeared on the racks of ready-to-wear several months ago.

IMG_0448 (1)

I used two contrasting floral prints in the sleeves. The body of the sleeve is a bold floral, and the sleeve band is a contrasting blue print (hard to see in the photos, LOL) with a lily pad flower etched in a thin thread of white.

The cotton fabric is so crisp and lovely to wear,it reminds me of one of the best parts of Spring. We shift from sewing with wools and heavy fabrics to the wonder of silk and cotton and linen and lawn. LOVE!  For more about my top with cut out sleeves, and the ankle skimming pants, visit my blog Happy sewing!


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