Let the flowers do the work!

As mentioned many, many times before – fabric is the key to success of your project. If you love watching “Project Runway” just as much as I do, you know that Tim Gunn always says: “Designers, your success starts and ends at Mood!”.

With this simple shift dress project all you need is couple of hours, about 1,5-2 yds of fabulous fabric that will do all the work and an amazing party to go to in your new dress!


First things first…

Pattern: this pattern I found on the internet, among many others. I was craving something silly simple, and here it is – 4 pieces, no darts, no buttons, no zipper and no lining (depends on the fabric you choose). “No darts” part can bite you in the butt though if you are bigger in the chest area, but as mother nature decided otherwise for me –  I was totally fine with “no darts part”. Original patter does feature keyhole or a zipper in the back, BUT for me the neckline was too tight, therefore I made it wider and with that it was super easy to omit the zipper/button, as I can pull the dress through my head. Find you free pattern here from GrosGrainFabulous


Fabric: I bought 2 yds of this beautiful vintage angel skin fabric on Ebay, but you can find something similar here – www.fabric.com

Skills: novice/intermediate. to my taste, some of the pattern details required alterations and for that you have to have some experience and a sturdy hand in cutting.

Remarks: had to widen neckline and adjust sleeves (a but too tight due to front and back traced out identically). All in all a good and easy pattern, for a dress to whip up in 2 hrs!

Accessories: as this is a straight dress pattern, to accentuate your mid part – you probably want to get a slim black (or any other color) belt, maybe elastic belt can do as well, to create those beautiful gathers on your waist.

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